what is a single hung window

The single hung window has a top sash fixed in place, while the bottom sash can be moved or operated.

Comparing a single hung window with other types of windows

Single or double-hung windows are designed in a traditional style that opens vertically. The scarf acts as a frame where the parts of the window are placed. In the double-hung window, the scarf slides in both directions allowing the window to open and lower, thus improving air circulation. In a hung window, the lower mantle slides upward while leaving the upper half permanently stationary. Screens are generally installed outside the window frame to prevent insect infiltration.

Louvered windows

It consists of several slides of oblique glasses. The windows are opened with a crane. Since air is often filtered through moving glass pieces, single windows tend to be energy-inefficient even when closed. That explains its spread in temperate climates. It also creates a security risk since the glass strips can be easily broken or removed to enter.

Awning windows

Hangs at the top and opens with attached screens. When open, the sheet of glass acts as an awning and protects the interior from rain. Hopper windows are similar in style with hinges on the bottom but open on the inside. These types of windows are seen on the lower floors.

Sliding windows

It differs from single and double-hung windows, as its sashes have horizontal movement. Double sliding windows have movable strips with screens placed on the outside or inside of the window frame. The top windows open outward with hinges on the sides, and the swivel arm generally opens those windows. The casement window can be opened for adequate ventilation, but when it stands out, it prevents air circulation to a great extent. Single windows, also called casement windows, are primarily restricted to bathrooms and are accompanied by open handles.

Why install single hung windows?

Today’s windows bring beauty, light, warmth, and a cool breeze to homes while providing a sense of openness and space. Various parts have replaced the single hung windows. These panels are made of energy-saving materials with heat reflective coated glass. Customers have the option of identifying windows that save money while increasing comfort.

Other benefits of single hung windows:

  • Uses vinyl frames and sashes, so there are no peels, cracks, or deformation.
  • Slanted sashes allow lower ventilation and make cleaning inside and outside windows easier
  • The combination of compression seals and extraction fins helps reduce indoor dust and allergens and eliminate winter drafts and external noise
  • Steel reinforced night reinforcements, locks, padlocks and latches allow natural ventilation while keeping children and pets indoors.
  • String and the stainless steel constant force balance system adds beauty and longevity to the window operating system.


Since windows generally outnumber doors in any home, choosing the right window is very important because people these days are concerned about conserving energy. Windows is designed for optimal efficiency with the latest energy-saving technologies. Well-designed windows allow natural ventilation and bode well for all home décor.

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