How to remove window tint glue

There is no question that windows tint has evolved over the past couple of years. It is, therefore, quite understandable that replacing old tint glue is quickly becoming a typical automotive repair. Understand that old tint adhesives have been replaced by longer-lasting films that don’t bubble off the glass or turn purple.

Removing window tint glue, however, is a rather simple and straightforward process. All you need is a little bit of patience and a few hours. An average DIY enthusiast can remove tint film from all car windows in about a couple of hours.

How to remove window tint glue

Step 1: Start with an ammonia-based cleaner

It would help if you sprayed the interior of your window with an ammonia-based cleaner. However, note that ammonia cleaners are not advised for tinted windows since they detach the film from your glass. Using a cleaner with high ammonia content ensures that more tint glue is dissolved quickly.

Step 2: Separate film from the glass

Find the edge of your glass and run a razor between the film and the glass. While doing this, you need to keep on spraying the area to induce separation. Getting a separation of about two inches at the edges is enough to grip on.

Understand that the film usually comes off in small silvers, which means that you have to be keen during peeling. The idea is to get a large section that you can grip on to help you separate the entire film from the glass. Once the film layer is removed, the glass is left with a layer of glue.

Step 3: Spray glue cleaner

You need to spray glue cleaner onto the glue layer left on your window. For this step, you will need to use a liberal amount of glue cleaner to get the best results. Use a towel to rub the tint glue into ‘streaks’ before adding more glue cleaner.

In the end, the glue will have collected at one point, and you can use a razor blade to scrape it off. Although several globs might occur, using a towel is the best alternative when compared to scrapping an entire window.

Step 4: Clean with a window cleaner

Once most of the tint glue has been removed, you can proceed to clean the window a second time. Your ammonia-based cleaner will help restore your window to its pre-tint stage.


When removing tint glue, you may need to incorporate the use of heat. Using a little bit of heat will help get rid of all the fil quickly and easily.


Since you are handling chemicals, you must use the proper protective equipment. Adequate ventilation is also paramount to help you avoid exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals.


Removing window tint glue is quite simple, as stated earlier. Following the above steps, you could have the entire work done within a few hours. However, remember that this project requires a lot of patience and determination. In some cases, it might take a while before you remove all the tint glue from your window.

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